Can a retiree who benefits from government social intervention sponsor me to Denmark?


Dear Akesse,

I have a friend in Denmark and she want me to visit her because she can not since she is sick. My bank account is not encouraging and she is ready to sponsor me but she is a retiree and benefits from government social intervention. Can she still sponsor me and if yes how are we to go about this?

Thank you.

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  1. If she has means to sponsor you, it doesn’t matter the benefits she receives from the government. Once she has enough funds and can demonstrate in the form of bank statements, She can go ahead and sponsor you.

    Nonetheless, you will still have to convince the Embassy that you are well-employed in Ghana and you will return after your visit. So you will still have to include your Bank Statement to back your employment status.

    List of documents you need can be found on the website of the Danish Embassy at

    If you are self-employed, this article on further explains the documents you will need to put up your application

    If you work for a company, this article explains the documents salaried-employees need to make their visa application

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